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Great interface, a great alternative to Spotify

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I've been a Premium subscriber to Deezer for almost 2 years. It's worth the price (€5 here).

It's a great alternative to Spotify, and I enjoy its much simpler interface compared to Spotify. Other than that, they basically have the same music collection and features. (Except for user base - Spotify has a lot more users, but Deezer is still a big player.)
Deezer's Flow feature is also great and has been praised in many places.

These streaming services are great since you can legally listen to and discover music for free or a low price.


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I don't consider this free, because you can't play any playlist without paying a subscription.
You can only play 1 or 2 songs and then they switch and impose the music they want.
So, i don't consider this free.


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Unusable. A like limit of 2000 songs. And on mobile devices you can only see 1000. It's just crap.


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Better than Spotify in every aspect.
One of the most wonderful and well polished UI & UX.
Available in mush more countries than Spotify, almost every country in the world.

[Edited by OlaMohammad, December 01]

I had to review this review (see what I did there) after spending some time with Spotify, so without further due, Spotify Android & iOS app has one of the most wonderful UIs out there, period. So beautiful and well organized.

The rest of the review is on Spotify's reviews page, so go check it out.


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Better than Spotify!!! Pioneer on stream music!