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Once Great; Now OK

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I've been a long time customer of Faronics. I started using Deep Freeze back in 2003.

At the time, they were the only real alternative to Windows Steady State that I knew of, and their pricing was pretty fair. Product itself was great.

As the years went on, I noticed that the program more or less stayed the same. There wasn't any new features per se, just support for this and support for that. Don't get me wrong, I like that the program supports Dropbox, but logistically, it shouldn't conflict with Dropbox in the first place!

There were some issues I had that I found, primarily in regards to installing Updates. Don't expect to be installing updates easily. There were times where I had to play around with a bunch of nonsense to get the program to update automatically.

I've since switched over to Drive Vaccine. It's very similar, but it's easier to use and has features I wish Deep Freeze had. As a long time customer I don't want to have to jump ship, but close to a decade with no real improvements? Like what am I paying you an annual fee for?


Bad software

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Rubbish software that slows drastically Windows and which bugs reported by ticket are never treated.
Faronics seeks each year to collect more licensing fees. The perpetual license is not renewed for reasons unknown.
Windows updates management is not supported in the Standard version and PC puts considerable time to redo several times the same updates when stopping and starting Windows.


Decent Product but Bad Service

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I've been a long time user of Deep Freeze. Like many people, we needed it for our PC's and aside from Windows Steady State, there wasn't too many other options available. I liked the product, even if it wasn't the best product out there. So as time went on I had issues, so I contacted Faronics for support and kept getting people in India who didn't know English. Through my support calls, I couldn't get a straight answer on what I found out later were relatively minor issues.

When I pay a support fee, I expect that this will get me someone who speaks my language, not someone from a far off land who can't even understand me when I'm trying to confirm my account information! I ended up going with Reboot Restore Rx. Free program, and the support is all based in North America! Counts for something.

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Hi, my name is Adam and I oversee the customer facing operations here at Faronics. While we do have some folks overseas that we use for our support team we still do maintain a large portion of our support in North America.

If you have had issues with the support team I would love to get your feedback on that and look into what was going on at the time - if you wanted to drop me a quick email to adam(at) It would be greatly appreciated.

Nice Product i love it.

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I am using Deep freeze more than 8 year and it always work profeclty without any problem. I mostly use deep freeze 2006 and in windows Xp and Windows 7 but now i buy a Windows 10 pc and this new look of Deep freeze who's also compitable for Windows 10 is very dificult to understand i don't know it gonna work also like Deep freeze 2006 but want to try it, let's see...


Program is ok but support isn't good

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I used deep freeze on kiosks that we have at work as everyone said they were good software for this it was ok at first but as time went on we had a lot of issues. the program failed to restore computer on a few occasions and i had to update the machine myself so turn program off, run updates, and turn it back on.

been trying out reboot restore it's not so bad it's free so i dont expect all the bells and whistles but imo if you just need simple restore software you might as well try free program isntead of paying for a paid alternative that does the same thing haha


True that. Reboot Restore Rx does the job if you have 5-10 machines/ kiosks.

For multi-location kiosks/ machines or enterprise environments, I still prefer Deep Freeze. I have not had any issues with the support though. Best way to get a quick resolution - Message Adam on their Spiceworks page.

hi sir i have issue with your program deep freeze can you provide me email so i can get assistance i need help my computers not boot need help. please get back to me asap thanks.

Jang - If you are having issues the Faronics Support team can provide you with assistance. You can reach them via email to or via phone to 800-943-6422 (North America) or +1 604-637-3333 (international).

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I downloaded the file and when I opened it, DF immediately froze my computer! Worse, the geeks at
DF couldn't tell me how to unfreeze or uninstall it. Finally one suggested I change my computer clock to fool it and run out the trial period. I still couldn't uninstall it.


Good product. Excellent support. Minimal conflicts with other software.

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Recently evaluated Deep Freeze Cloud for a customer. Set it up for them a month later.

What we got

  • Deep Freeze (It can be controlled from a web console as well as mobile app)
  • Application control/ whitelisting
  • Desktop lockdown (Similar to group policies, but easier)
  • Anti-virus + Web filter + Firewall + Anti-rootkit + Anti-spyware
  • Usage monitoring & stats
  • Automatic software updater
    Plus lots of other features which you can check on their website.

This platform has worked extremely well for all my customers so far. Support is very responsive. Truth be told, most light virtualization software end up causing some conflict with other software/ serups.

So for me, it is important to have a reliable vendor with good support, along with a reliable software.


OK Program, But There's Better

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I have a lab with 20 computers, each need to be restored after each use. I used Deep Freeze for the past two years. I was finding that Deep Freeze was never triggering the restore which is kind of a big deal. I worked on this for 9 months waiting for a response from tech support and while they had a few suggestions. Nothing stuck.

This is when I sought out this site and found alternatives in Reboot Restore Rx and Drive Vaccine. Both programs worked on my test environment. So I purchased Drive Vaccine but on our 20 computers we had the same issue. It was finally resolved when I found out Fast Boot wasn't triggering certain tasks. I can now assume this was the same issue with Deep Freeze.

At this point we now use Drive Vaccine. It works well presently.


Lucky you.

Reboot Restore Rx worked ok, we had to manually reset or configure 190 machines, which was a pain in the ass. We went for Drive Vaccine so that we could manage our labs centrally. Seemed to work initially but after 6 months, several incomplete restores & ton rework later, we went back to Deep Freeze.

At least the support is prompt.


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A few months ago my budget for Deep Freeze was cut substantially. Worked with their sales reps and no one could give us the program for what we were looking for. When I looked online I tried Reboot Restore Rx. IMO it's the most akin to Deep Freeze; but while it shares similar functionality, it's completely free!

I've been using it for some time now, and I would say it works just as well. There's a more feature rich version but I dont need it for my needs.


Thanks for the thoughts!

Gouged On Deep Freeze By Faronics Looking For Alternative

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I'm a contractor for a local library and we had Deep Freeze set up for years. Not the best program but it was alright in a few areas then comes time to pay annual subscription fee. We paid their educational price for years as it's a library then they tell us we now have to pay corporate pricing and that libraries are now considered corporate to them. Don't know what planet these guys live on but I don't know many libraries that aren't educational.

I'm looking at a few alternatives now that aren't so expensive! Reboot Restore Rx, Shadow Defender, and Drive Vaccine all look good and are either free or reasonably priced.


More viable alternatives

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I've done a lot of research on solutions similar to DeepFreeze (partly thanks to this site).

I have found the following software to be acceptable or even better than DeepFreeze.

Rollback Rx - Allows backup and restore (including auto-restore for public-access computers). It also allows snapshots and the ability to restore back and forward to any snapshot. It can also restore individual files from snapshots as well. However, this software does come with a price tag so it is not free.

Drive Vaccine PC Restore - Allows backup and restore and is specially designed for public-access computers. It can restore the PC whenever the PC is idle or when the user logs off or during a reboot or just the 1st reboot of the day or based on a schedule. It also can auto-accept OS patches and anti-virus updates. An "immune" area can be defined to allow persistent storage for data files so they are not wiped out when a restore is performed. This software also comes with a price tag but it is cheaper than Rollback Rx.

DriveImage XML - This can backup and restore an entire PC but can also make scheduled backups while the OS is running to overwrite a single backup file or to create a new backup file each time. To restore the system when the OS cannot be booted, you need to create a WinPE boot disc. They have instructions on how to use BartPE to create the rescue CD but this should be done BEFORE a restore is required. It is free for personal use but requires a license for commercial use.

Redo Backup and Recovery - This can backup and restore an entire PC even if the OS cannot be booted. However, to create and restore backups, you have to boot the system with a CDROM. This means it is a manual process. The backup files can reside on a network storage device or a locally attached device such as a USB hard drive which is handy for keeping offsite copies for disaster recovery. It boots Ubuntu and has a nice graphical interface. It is free for personal or commercial use!

Clonezilla - This does pretty-much the same thing as Redo and is also free. However, it uses a text-based interface which is a bit on the techy side.


Excellent review. Good Job buddy. This will help us

Couldn't Agree More! Great Article. I have Been Using Rollback rx for 4 Years Now and it has saved me from disaster Many times. great Piece of software

Just wanted to let folks know that there is a Free version of Drive Vaccine software out now called Reboot Restore rx from the same company as rollback rx and drive vaccine. They pretty much stripped down drive vaccine and put out a free version I downloaded it today and it seems to work great on my windows 7 machine.
I googled: reboot restore rx

@Dude1 Is there any option to turn Baseline on / off ?

I have tried the Drive Vaccine but I could not find it better than Deep Freeze. I love Deep Freeze more. I'm going to continue with it.

Deep Freeze

  • Consistent & stable
  • Less conflicts in large enterprise environments
  • Works with Mac & all Windows versions
  • Deep Freeze Cloud has Google drive & Dropbox integration to backup personal data, along with Web Filter, Firewall, App whitelisting, Deployment tool, Anti-Malware, multiple options for remote management (App, web console)


  • No freeware
  • Pricing

Drive Vaccine, RRRx - decent products for small environments, but inconsistent in larger environments (as they aren't thoroughly tested). Known to cause conflicts in enterprise environments.

Still trust Deep Freeze over the alternatives mentioned here.

Deep Freeze vs Alternatives

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Deep Freeze

  • Does what it promises

  • Works with Mac & all Windows versions

  • Suited for enterprise environments

  • Support is very responsive

  • Maintenance fees are there , but its optional.

Reboot Restore - Freeware is ok, but limited features. Not recommended for enterprise environments. Known to cause conflicts in enterprise environments. Support issues take months to get resolved.
Drive Vaccine - It is discontinued now I guess. I've faced a lot of issues with it so not going there again
TimeMachine - Works only for Apple products
SmartShield - Used to be good. But ok support
Lethe - Use at your own peril.

For regulation/ compliance needs, go for Deep Freeze. More reliable & good support. If you have 5-10 PCs & your needs are limited, go for Timefreeze or Lethe- or Reboot to Restore


Hey Techzilla!

Sam here from Horizon DataSys - the developers of Reboot Restore Rx and Drive Vaccine (which has been renamed to Reboot Restore Rx Pro). Sorry to hear of the issues you've faced! If you're ever wanting to look at the program again feel free to contact me and I'd be happy to discuss any problems you faced and see if it's something that can be resolved.

Either way, have yourself a Happy Holidays!

hey I just installed Reboot Restore Rx (the free version) and I personally did not like it. The startup takes longer but it can be tolerable. There is 2 main issue for me: The first one u can just disable it which is not appropriate for class environment- a student can disable it easily- (I m wondering if the pro version asks for a pass when you wanna disable it.) The second problem I can get the image of computer after I installed the program, it basically starts from the boot like acronics. When I wanted get image of computer I clicked on CD option from startup menu for acronics cd it started then reboot restore rx stopped the program to load and started for restoring and windows started normally. so basically I cant get the image of pc when I installed Reboot restore rx