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The main developer Kong left

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There was a fight between the developers on Oct 2014. The project has not been updated in over a year... the latest build has been in beta for 13 months, without updates. OpenWRT might be a better option.


Nothing is documented.

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There are a million options, and documentation for maybe 1% of them. Grrrr. You have to search the internet for every one to find out what it does. Why not just include that in the built-in documentation??

Interface is really buggy, like you try to add a static lease and it erases what you previously entered. You have to scroll down to the bottom of the page to Apply it or it forgets it. It interprets blank static leases as a real entry and complains about duplicates, etc. etc.

Application names in port forwarding are limited to 12 characters for no reason.

If I reboot the router, it drops the connections to hardwired computers, so I can no longer access them until I reboot them. Grr.

Tomato is better.