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I bought one year license and mainly use it to generate images for people who is not developer.
I had MAC version and installed under admin user account. There are two issues
#1. I would like to use it in both admin and regular account which ever I log in.
So far it only works when i login as admin.
I contact the customer service for 6 month and it still not work as they say so.
#2 I unregistered my MAC admin account and try to install under regular account and it could not verify my key.
#3 This is bigger problem. It works find with my local db but I can not connect remote db server. The error msg "server did not open SSL" (???) I don't think the error msg is the true problem. because I installed a trail version on one of my PC and it connect to remote db fine. (speech less...)

  1. We have checked the settings in our installer ( we use Install4j to generate it, a specialized software for this cases ). All settings are fine. Could you please check which is the issue in your case, does the MacOS miss the link to DbSchema ? If you type which DbSchema in terminal, which is the result ?
  2. The key verification should work in any case. You may get into issue only if the registration name is wrong(case sensitive) or if you tried to install a DbSchema version newer with 1+years as the license. For this case you may need a renewal license.
  3. Which database are you using ? I am pretty sure this error is from some networking settings or some certificate which is installed on your PC. What DbSchema does is to collect all parameters you enter in the Connection dialog and build the right connection URL ( see the advanced tab in the Connection dialog ). We have to check for each database and each driver which could be the error reason. Some databases get into issue because of local installed certificates, or firewalls etc.

Thank you for the replay.
I sent my key and name to your help desk and they said my app is registered under other name. I use the name they provided to me and so far no luck.

The help desk sent me a new user name and I reinstalled the app. Thank you.
I still can not use dbSchema app when I log in my MAC use admin account.

Case resolved. I need register for both account on same MAC. Thanks a lot!

It worths to try it

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I used it for diagrams and HTML5 documentation. Is worth to try it out.


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This tool is complete visual, which makes your work seamless. I was astonished to see that our large PostgreSql can be designed complete in diagrams, what other tools cannot do. More then this:

  • the documentation is great. Not only plain images, but vector, interactive
  • we use the tool to deploy the schema on test and production databases. It can generate migration scripts.
  • there are tools for visual data explore, a time saver.
    My colleague was using previous only SQL command prompt, after he saw this tool he switched complete to it. Is because of its visual interaction and the way is handling complex schemes.

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Best tool for the money! Very intuitive, all databases included, great documentation and features for schema management.