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Even in the demo version (which is unlimited might I add), you can do whatever you need to do.
It doesn't degrade video or audio quality and it's SUPER easy to change the volume of individual audio files.
It's absolutely amazing to use even if you'll just be working on simple projects and the layout is very compact and understandable.

The simple core functions work perfectly and it has many other options and features than I have mentioned here.
Absolutely amazing but really pricey, although it is a one-time purchase and I feel it would be really useful for professional filmmaking with all its features.


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It takes a decent setup to actually run, but when you get it open it's got a wide array of features, though some of them are in unconventional places and need a very specific process (ie, chroma keying takes place in the colour tab, which is separate to the edit tab). Some features are listed but locked out, which will be a bit frustrating, but expected. You will spend time configuring the workspace, like setting the preview to play all frames, and stuff like that. It's worth it though.


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DaVinci Resolve, touted as Emmy award winning video editor, isn't even capable of importing MKV files in 2020. You'll have to convert all your MKV files into DVR friendly DNxHD codec/format as mentioned here , in order to even import them. No, Thank you!


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It is totally painful on Linux and the official Blackmagic forum site is inferior, because it does not allow you to post URLs of a bug image and logs required by the support technicians, therefore, you will be totally helpless. Let us switch to KDEnlive.


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Its the first really usable professional tool I found in the linux segment for video post production, which isn't some kind of compromise.


I don't successfully install it on my Linux Mint 18.3 XFCE 64bit. The video editing doesn't work, but the audio editing did. So, I will retry later. For now, I will continue edit my videos on kdenlive, that is much easy to resize for my 4k monitor.

Agreed. It might help to mention it only supports specific formats and codecs as detailed here:

People might experience issues with missing video or audio due to unsupported codecs. As long as you use the right codecs/formats, it works great.

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I use the free version of Davinci resolve 16 and I am totally happy with it. Never heard of it till a friend of mine showed me that software!


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Perfect tool for all cycle of videoproduction even free version. Cool understandable and native UI imho better than Premire or Vegas. Just best video editor for me.


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Request create a account :( I hate that. But you can still download whitout create an account.

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Actually you don't ;)
I assume you mean the sign up prompt that pops up when you click on download, BUT you can literally enter whatever you want there, you don't even have to give them a valid e-mail address. As soon as you entered something in every *required field, click on download. You also don't have to sign up in the program itself (in fact there isn't even a sign in page).

Source: Dude Trust Me.

hmm Looks like a make wrong commend i write this rewiew to avid media composer first. My bad.

No problem, I'm glad I could help ^^

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It's not really possible to replace DaVinci Resolve by another software ...
It can make everything you want and no other software car do this.

But, if you want to install it, you must have a really powerful computer, with a greeaaat graphic card.


Thanks for your review, which video editing software do you use ?

Your welcome, I use Kdenlive.

Great graphic card? I have an AMD R90 270 in mine which is atleast 6 years old! You do not need a really "good graphics card"

your computer must be shit. by 3 year old pc with intel integrated graphics i3 cpu could run it no problem.

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After transitioning from Sony Vegas, I can tell that this is leagues ahead. More memory hungry, but pays off just about in any way.


Only issue imo is that it lacks 95% of all the formats that Vegas supports.