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Why use this when DevDocs is a thing?

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So I bought Dash when it came out, and found it very useful. However a year later I discovered DevDocs, which for the past 2 years I've used exclusively and never needed to use Dash again. DevDocs works great, and even has a desktop client. I've also found DevDocs to be a lot more intuitive to use than Dash, which UX seems overly complex.


I just wanted to point out that DevDocs does not support proprietary documentation due to licensing constraints; such as Apple's documentation. Dash also does a pretty good job at centralizing documentations from many sources, giving a much larger library than what's available through DevDocs.

In addition to what lhunath said, DevDocs doesn't give you the context (e.g. module) when there are multiple search results, which means you have to click each result to find the correct one.

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super helpful when working with APIs


What options do you have? What is most useful?