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I loved it. However, there was something in the script that was causing Firefox to slow down. I kept getting an error message stating so.


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While it has been one of my most used extensions, it does have it's own share of problems.

Dynamic Stylesheet Inversion

What it does, is generates a more suitable dark theme for the site. Sounds good? There's few catches.

  • It is CPU-intensive.
  • There is no sort of cache, which means EVERY time you navigate to a new url and back, it will regenerate the style. It would extremely help to have some sort of configurable cache, especially for highly frequented URLs (time-restricted entries. If they go beyond, they are deleted and regenerated).

Custom Browser Theme

Changes the UI tone and color to a different "dark", however impacts Firefox start-up noticeably.

Other Annoyances

The extension shows itself. So. Freaking. Slow. Most times, it is more viable to just try opening it again, until it decides to respond.


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Works pretty well but sometimes I have to disable and renable the extension to get it working again. Other than that, I have no issues and use it all the time. My eyes feel better. In fact, when I have it off, I can feel the intensity of light colors on my eyes since they're so use to gentler/darker colors. Also, it's open source!

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After a month of use, I haven't felt the need to ever turn it off. The only website I've ever thought looked ugly was Headspace.com. Sometimes on Google Sheets it slows down the use of a table, (I'm suspicious it's adding a second or two of loading time, because it takes a second until the colors change), but otherwise is pretty perfect and definitely worth an install.


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  • No option to set default to light (fixed)
  • set contrast, brightness, grayscale, sepia easily
  • theme engine such as filter, filter+, static, dynamic
  • this is my favourite theme engine, because of Dynamic theme analyzes colors and images