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My Favorite Photo Manager

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One of the best Photo Manager software I have ever used. Add a folder to your Catalog (collection) let it scan through all of them and then enjoy the benefits of an browsable image grid. The search features are almost database (SQL) like. If it isn't already a straight up database (im not sure about that but it wouldn't surprise me)

Before I found this I tried a few contenders like Zoner and Studioline. Neither of which are as intuitive to use. Magix looked like a contender but I couldn't be bothered to figure it out. I randomly saw Daminion while I was trying these different ones out, and so I tried it out and as soon as I tried it I basically uninstalled all the others and went. This is the one.

Check Images in a grid
Check Tagging
Check Multi Tag Browsing
Check Multi Folder Browsing
Check Advanced Searching in entire Catalog (Collection)

All features are free except you have a 15k limit. Which for most people won't be much of an issue. That's the only real limit and if you're willing to sit through a nag screen you can still go over that number.


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DBGallery is another great alternative. It pays special attention to image data. Various types of data are used to organize and quickly find images even when you have a large collections.