Alternatives to Cygwin for Windows with any license

  • MinGW

    MinGW ("Minimalistic GNU for Windows") is a port of the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) and GNU Binutils. It provides a complete Open Source programming toolset...

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  • MSYS2

    MSYS2 is an independent rewrite of MSYS, based on modern Cygwin (POSIX compatibility layer) and MinGW-w64 with the aim of better interoperability with native Windows...

    • Because it's based on MSYS (which is based on modern CygWin and MinGW-w64), also it has a nice package manager. Guest • Oct 2019 Disagree   Agree
    • It's fundamentally the same thing Guest • Sep 2019 • 2 agrees and 0 disagrees Disagree   Agree
    • Forked from Cygwin with a nice package manager Guest • Apr 2017 • 2 agrees and 0 disagrees Disagree   Agree

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  • MinGW-w64

    The project's goal is to deliver runtime, headers, and libs for developing 64 bit (x64), as well as 32 bit (x86), windows applications using gcc-4.4 or newer...

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  • Babun

    Would you like to use a linux-like console on a Windows host without a lot of fuzz? Try out babun! Babun features the following: Pre-configured Cygwin with a...

    • Discontinued
      The project seems to be no longer developed. Last version, 1.2.0, released in July 2015, can be still downloaded from GitHub
    • Much easier setup than Cygwin, with most of what you'll need. yphastosJun 2017 • 1 agrees and 0 disagrees Disagree   Agree

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  • Windows Command Prompt

    Command Prompt, also known as cmd.exe or cmd (after its executable file name), is the command-line interpreter on Windows NT, Windows CE, OS/2 and eComStation operating...

    • Cygwin was brought out because of the shortcomings of the WCP as a shell ! In WCP (unlike PowerShell), the user is stuck with unitary command execution, and has none of the combinatorial power of the infamous shell (sh or bash) Guest • Mar 2017 • 9 agrees and 1 disagrees Disagree   Agree
    • Does not support any GNU/Unix commands. Guest • Oct 2017 • 4 agrees and 0 disagrees Disagree   Agree

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  • gow

    Gow (Gnu On Windows) is the lightweight alternative to Cygwin. It uses a convenient Windows installer that installs about 130 extremely useful open source UNIX...

    • Discontinued
      No activity for over a year.

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    TDM-GCC is a compiler suite for Windows. It combines the most recent stable release of the GCC toolset, a few patches for Windows-friendliness, and the free and...

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  • unxutils

    Here are some ports of common GNU utilities to native Win32. In this context, native means the executables do only depend on the Microsoft C-runtime (msvcrt.dll) and not...

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