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Cydia works great!

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Cydia working very well on my device running on iOS 8.3. Recently I have updated my iOS device to iOS 10.3 which not jail breakable. So I have been using Vshare market app to get all latest paid applications for free.


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Because iwant to collect toxin on zombie cafe


Cydia is as SLOW AS HELL.

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This is the App Store of jailbroken iPhones (though apps from the App Store still work :P). You can't do without it.

Which is annoying, because Cydia is as SLOW AS HELL. It spends eighty five million years reloading every time you open it- quite annoying.


The reason for its being incredibly slow is that it needs to synchronize the local package list with all the remote APT-GET repositories. A normal installation of APT-GET has about 4 repos enabled at a time. Cydia will sometimes have 20 or more. This is the reason behind the ridiculous refresh time.

Cydia works like it's supposed to just because it's slow at times does not mean it sucks it means you need to have a bigger system partition for mods if you need more info on that see how mods are stored on the ios device system mods that need root for obvious reasons will be on the system partition