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Installs the ASK toolbar even when you explicitly say NO!

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Enough said.


CuteWriter has virus(es) dectected by virustotal

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I intend to use this software using the official installer but sadly this software contains virus as scanned here by virustotal.com

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Virus warning!

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my experience

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This the most rated one on alternativeto but definitely the one I prefer. I just tried the install now and by default it suggest to add the ask toolbar and also to install extra software from other players.

Once the install is complete you can still not use it because you need to install a PDF converter. That's too much of a hassle and I ended up uninstalling it and going for doPDF7 which doesn't come with any extra unwanted so far.


Download it from ninite.com if you don't want bundleware

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Small Ninite iconNinite is always reliable no spam no adware bundle malware for downloading common software

also, its my favorite way of printing out a PDF easily since it works anywhere that would normally work by printing


Comparison doPDF, Bullzip PDF PRINT, CutePDF Writer, qvPDF

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My personal ranking of the 4 PDF-printers is:

  1. doPDF
  2. Bullzip PDF PRINTER
  3. CutePDF
  4. qvPDF

Advantages of doPDF over Bullzip PDF PRINTER, CutePDF Writer and qvPDF

With one click you can make this folder to the standard folder where to store doPDF-files

Advantages of doPDF and Bullzip PDF PRINTER over CutePDF Writer and qvPDF

  1. It is easy to choose the folder, where to store the pdf-file
  2. You can also select the target-folder from recent folders (and files) in Vista
  3. You can select to open the new PDF-file after creating it with your standard PDF-reader, e.g. PDF-XChange Viewer

PROs & CONs of Bullzip PDF PRINTER (in difference to CutePDF Writer and qvPDF)

PRO: You can hook to open the target-folder with the new PDF-file after creating it

CON: the suggested filename has all words 2 times instead only one time. To delete it costs time

PROs & CONs of CutePDF

CON: Installation of Ask Toolbar is suggested, but can be hooked away

CON: Installation of Driver Updater is suggested, but can be declined by hooking it away

PROs & CONs of qvPDF

PRO: qvPDF is a PDF creator for Windows, but you can also merge & split pdf-documents.

CON: it is difficult to select the folder and name of the printed PDF-File

CON: No complete uninstalling with deleting all files and folders . In case of a reinstallation because of a printing problem, you have the problem again because the old settings are used again.

CON: I could not stop the printing of a document sent to the printer