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I've been a volunteer editor with Dmoz, now Curlie, from the early days. I never fail to find something interesting while working on the directory.


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Curlie Directory is a website that people can add links to the website, a google but very less infomation. Since the whole thing is edited by people, certain stuff that is common in google will not be found in Curlie. Undertale is one of them, I serch by author name Tony Fox, zero result and by game Undertale, zero results. This is not a serch engine but reather a website editor for anyone to add links. It can never be a serch engine like google, bing, yahoo or duckduckgo.


You are entirely correct, Curlie will never be 'a serch engine like google, bing, yahoo or duckduckgo'; the reason for this is because Curlie is simply not looking to become a search engine.

It would be interesting to learn where exactly you've picked up the idea that this human-edited directory is in fact a search engine and then you decided to write a review expressing disappointment that it is not a search engine.

Your review is really not helping anyone, I'm sorry to say, because it's off-topic.

it was place with google and other serch engine, that was the reason why it was bad review.

There are five alternatives listed. One of them is the old dmoz. None of them are Google, Bing, Yahoo, or DuckDuckGo.

If you know of something, like Undertale, which you enjoy, know about, or just would like to see listed you can suggest the sites to be listed (don't expect anything to be instantly or automatically listed - it is a human edited directory and we could use more humans). You can also apply to be an editor and start a category for Undertale (I think I have heard of it, if its a game) and list the sites which other people would be glad to find.

Curlie is glad to have more help with the directory. A directory runs on listings but a search engine runs on spiders that automatically and continually add links without sorting them, checking them, or really knowing what they are beyond the first page of the site.

If you read this (or someone else who is interested) please do at least suggest the sites you want to see listed. Thank you.