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You can use Cubby via WebDAV & behind a Proxy

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Your cloud-enabled cubbies are available via the Cubby WebDAV server

  • So you can reach them from any WebDAV compatible device or application.
  • This feature is an advantage over DropBox, which is not syncable with WebDAV
  • Go to https://webdav.cubby.com/ and log in with your Cubby user name (email) and password.
  • No external WebDAV account is required.
  • Your Cubby user name (email) and password are the WebDAV account.
    Note: Cubby WebDAV is a beta release.

Better than DropBox: Use it as a portable app and with individual folder selection

  • Dropbox has only one folder with subfolders to sync. Cubby can sync many individually
    selectable folders in different drives or folders.
  • Unlike DropBox you can download Cubby from from
    https://cub.by/i/01_TPW-voxTFXb and
    install Cubby also on a normal account without admin rights,
    because the installation is done to to C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\cubby instead
    of C:\Program Files. The footprint is only 10 MB
    You can also copy Cubby from C:\Users\UserName... as a portable app to ...\LiberKey\myApps
    and Cubby works as a portable app, which you can not do with dropbox.
    Dropbox needs admin rights, otherwise you can not use it.
  • Cubby has also a setting for the proxy-IP and password, so it works also inside from
    company-networks connected to the internet over a proxy.

WebDAV-Set up on Windows:

Cubby works behind a proxy (as Dropbox also does)

To change proxy settings:

  • On Windows, right-click the Cubby icon on your system tray
  • and select Settings,
  • then click the proxy tab.

Until Dec. 2013 you can download the Cubby Desktop-app (also working as a portable app) with 5GB free online-storage from https://cub.by/i/01_TPW-voxTFXb .


I call shenanigans!

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Cubby offered free 5GB of cloud storage plus the ability to sync p2p with no limit. After getting this set up, they removed the p2p feature from the free version. You have to now pay per month to sync from computer to computer directly. I'm not overly concerned about it since there are plenty of alternatives, but it was a pretty anti-consumer move by a company just getting off the ground. Boo to you Cubby.


I already changed from "Free" to "Free with limited functionality". But if you analyse this site:


you'll see that the sync is only available in the pro version.

Worthy alternative to Windows Live Mesh / FolderShare

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Finally a reputable company building a file sync SW that has the key functionality:

  • Sync any directory you want
  • ability to configure sync of each folder to each device separately and the cloud separately.

Little rough around the edges on certain things like:

  • details / logging of sync
  • web interface of cloud stored files can use a couple of updates.

Otherwise really really good and am happy now there is an alternative to Windows Live Mesh / FolderShare given MS has dropped support for it with it's dumbed down version of Skydrive.