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I would argue this is ALSO a simple flat file database creation/editor.

It may require knowing how to "use" a database IF you dont read the readme's.

at 73kb px packed, this is right up with PdfProducer, FreePdfEdit, kPad, qJot, Gunn and Win32pad for power vs size.

A must on your portable device.


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Amazing! 72kb UPX packed

Easily create or edit csv files and csv databases, even for the novice if you READ THE included PDF

csv Buddy and csv edit "hold your hand" abit more...

But this is 1/6th their size. 500kb to 1mb vs this at 73kb

Bonus its pure win32 C, its like kpad (rich texts) or win32pad (plain texts), but for cvs files (and normally datadases).
Java version avaible for cross platform (Mac/Linux) also

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