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Excellent and necessary software

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What it's for:
Cryptomator lets you make encrypted versions of folders and files suitable for storage in the cloud, so that services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Box.com, OneDrive and others aren't able to read the contents of your files. Cryptomator is therefore a privacy-protecting app, and should be of interest to everyone wishing to keep their private files private in an age of mass surveillance and companies mining our data.

Why Cryptomator is good:

  • open source
  • no subscriptions/fees - just download and use
  • works on Windows, Mac and Linux (coming soon to mobile – Android is in beta)
  • simple to use
  • encrypts using the very strong AES-256 encryption standard
  • minor changes to a file are reflected in the encrypted version and can be synced (not possible with Truecrypt/Veracrypt)
  • there are very few apps that do this, and they aren't open source and/or as user-friendly
  • the creators reply to forum posts, support tickets and even emails
  • it's a huge money saver: using Cryptomator + pCloud/Seafile.de/NextCloud costs MUCH less than Tresorit or SpiderOak.

How Cryptomator works:
In the app you create a "Vault" which is just a folder that will contain encrypted versions of your files and a keyfile. You select a (hopefully very strong) password for the Vault. You choose where you want to save the Vault on your computer. This is the folder you should tell your sync service to sync. When you open the Vault by typing in the password, the decrypted version shows up in your browser mounted as a webdav folder, or "virtual hard drive". You put your files in there. Cryptomator encrypts them in real time. If you look in the encrypted version of the folder, you just see gibberish, which is all your sync service can see.
Then, you go to another computer (if you like) and you download your encrypted files. You open Cryptomator, choose the keyfile from the synced folder. You enter your password and - again - the decrypted version appears in your browser as a webdav folder in and out of which you can save things. You can even have a Vault open on who machines and the encrypted versions will sync in real time and Cryptomator will decrypt the differences in real time. You can have as many such Vaults as your heart desires, all with different passwords.

Some minor limitations:

  1. Only encrypted files available via your browser (e.g. by logging into Dropbox via the browser) But that's a good thing: Dropbox (or Google Drive, etc), their employees, govt agencies or hackers who break into your account won't know what you're storing.
  2. Currently, Cryptomator uses Webdav for showing files in your virtual hard disk. A handful of Linux file browsers don’t like this, but you can simply install and use another until Cryptomator switches to FUSE (which they will).
  3. File and folder names/structures are encrypted, but not file sizes. But for the level of privacy you get for free via an open source app, you can probably live with that.

Hi John, thank you for you great reviews of different encryption and security related software here on Alternativeto! Regarding Cryptomator, I would like to ask you what is your comment about the fact that the Android app is not fully open source.


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According to this Github ticket, Cryptomator is open-source only for the desktop app. The mobile projects do not have available source code.


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For me, I only compare cyptomator to boxcryptor.
ctmt is good: foss, free.

but boxcryptor is more useable.

boxcryptor is good:
treat file as a file, not bundled inside a vault.

This make boxcryptor MUCH more preferred.

however, boxcryptor has bad pt:
close source,
paid version for encrypted filename, limited device, no linux ver.


I now use encfs4win.

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Basic and simple and free Open Source & works!

Veracrypt is nice but as you update the vault in the cloud the entire vault gets re-synched, also you have to have a pre-defined vault size to start with.

7-Zip folder if you use it as a vault with encryption again updates the entire folder each time you add to it and of course you dont want to encrypt (7-Zip) individual files as not workable.

Anyway, so far Cryptomator wins the day, as only syncs to cloud the files you add to the vault and as I said it's free.

Would be nice to have more bells and whistles and more than WEBDAV as mounted FS so I'll give it 4 stars.


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The major advantage of Cryptomator is that we can install it on Windows, Android, Linux and Mac.
I do not use it for its cloud function but only as a safe for folders and files I would not like to be read or stolen.
As I installed it on Windows 10, on a phone and a tablet, I note that a 4 GB, then a 500 MB vault open rather quickly in Windows and the phone. As my tablet has got less CPU and memory, opening the 4 GB vault takes 2 minutes and 15 seconds...
Other encrypting apps (SSE file Encryptor and EDS Lite), open the same files faster on this tablet, so I suppose that Cryptomator requires more CPU power and memory in Android.
Otherwise I find the logo is horrible but that doesn't matter if the program conceptors enjoy it...
I give it five stars mainly because it is cross-all-platforms !


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Been using for a day or so. Seems pretty good and reliable. Will test it out for a few weeks with several vaults, but so far the encrypt-sync-decrypt system works well.


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I like the individual encryption and file name obfuscation over a system using single large encrypted volumes when working with cloud storage providers where a volume is treated as a file, and the whole volume is uploaded at every change. I do feel it needs some performance tuning as it seems to slow badly when working with large numbers of files in the 5 -20MB range.


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I like this Idea of crypt the files. Though some improvements would be nice to see:

  1. Option to Sign it with certificate and mixed logging options (password + cert /key file + windows auth) like we have in keepass
  2. Optionally allow program to keep original names of files (not to code the names)
  3. Make the application portable (I know that there is unofficial release but it hardly works for the first time and is unofficial ;)
  4. Improve stability - at first run the app crashed few times

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Cryptomator is a really useful programme as has already been posted. I am using it on macOS and Linux and the only thing I would like to add is that the nag screens are getting a bit annoying.

I understand that as an open source project it needs funding but having donated €25 in the past I feel it would have been nice to have been offered a license key (which is not necessary to run the programme but is now being used as another "nudge" feature to get more people to donate).


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Very, very limited. First: it works. However, he is super slow. I wanted to encrypt an external 1 TB hard drive and preserve the files privately and I started using it little by little. Unfortunately and what no one warns us about is that when we set up B: \ windows, we cannot search for files on that mounted device. Neither does Index Your Files (an old application that I use to index files) so I just can't do searches in there! And as I had already played about 100 GB on my hard drive and ended up giving up on the cryptomator it took me almost two days to remove the files from the hard drive so slow. It takes longer to decrypt than to encrypt. Anyway, if it is to carry important information or save zips it can be more peaceful, but for me a programmer that I have some folders with very small files and by the thousands the decryption takes a LOOOOT.


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very easy,user-friendly and totally safe with no registration, account or... need


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Incredibly useful app, a must have for any important project!
Clearly the best tradeoff between privacy and cloud convenience.
This is a lifesaver.


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It offers iOS and Android apps, unlike VeraCrypt. Hence, I can encrypt sensitive information that I wish to put in Google Drive while still making myself accessible on my mobile. (Mobile apps are not free yet worth every penny!)