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Null Game

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Enormously lag, a lot of bug, a customer service to shit, changes in the mechanics to force out the wallet and spend a lot of money ...

We are very far from Lord of ultima


Tried Dozens of Games

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I have tried dozens of games since the announcement that Lord of Ultima was a dead fish. None of them stacked up to LOU! UNTIL NOW...Crown of the Gods is by far the best out that I have found. EA didn't care about their game, COTG has devs that actually play and chat and take your ideas to heart. Is the game easy...no, you have to have some intelligence and a lot of strategy (ex. Grepolis and Tribal Wars...decent enough to pass the time. However, there is a lack of intellectual triumph with these type of "Cookie Cutter" games). Those "pre-placed" builds or "place anywhere" builds games are too boring...COTG allows you (its in your best interest) to place the builds to YOUR best advantage, and no two cities are alike. Even city placement can be crucial. That was just about the building aspect...the war aspect gets even deeper...come try it out!

To the devs of COTG...NICE WORK!