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It's not FREE!

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It is FREE. is misleading because there has been free, and when you test the application you are required to pay the annual subscription. Once you subscribe, you can not unsubscribe, something really bad, bad.

The editor of the article must first analyze what is published before placing FREE.


Hello, I'm the creator of CrosswordPuzzleMaker.org. I would like to address User5065433's comment.

I listed CrosswordPuzzleMaker.org as commercial on this site and we try to make it clear on the site itself. It is free to print our premade puzzles. If you want to make your own custom puzzles, then you must subscribe. It costs $30/year.

You can absolutely cancel your subscription anytime time you want. In fact, you will get to keep access to access all the puzzles you have already created even after you cancel. Of course, you won't be able to create any new puzzles after you cancel.

Additionally, we have a no questions asked refund policy. If you signup for the subscription and you are happy with what you get, I will give you your money back.