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Don't waste your time...

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So I have used Crossloop for 2 years now. I use it on my business website and pay for the PRO version (which I should not have wasted the money).

Customization to put on your website.
Automated billing feature.
New Tab chat box popup when someone tries to contact you. (full screen if browser is full screen)
**Marketplace **- allows you to add your name to a list of available techs to contact, and makes you searchable.
Chat logs

More than 65% of people chatting me is expecting free service. (most recent comment "this crap costs money?)
Costs 10% of every billing.
Does not always work.
Hard for end users to figure out how to use.
NUMBER 1 Reason this is crap -- THEY WONT RETURN EMAILS, phone calls, comments on Facebook. They seriously for the last 2 years I used them will not return any form of communication. There is a string of communication on their FB page that talks about company, and they have not even stopped that or deleted the post. They wont reply to anything. I have send snail mail with no feedback. This company was built, put online, and left alone. The owner/company could be dead and we dont even know it.

Do not give them a cent, and dont recommend them to anyone. I still have them on their website..but im working on replacing it.