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It has difficulties with some certificates, so that connections via FTPS/TLS do not work (error message: Invalid CertificateVerify signature). But those connections do work with other FTP clients, like FileZilla or sFTP Client. I tried different configurations, as described in the documentation or CrossFTP, without success.

On the other hand, it supports WebDAV, while FileZilla does not, and for this reason I have to use both programs.

Addendum: No more problems in version 1.99.1, see comment below.


Version 1.99.1 works now for me, it handles TLS connections flawlessly. I cannot say what the fault actually was – a bug in the previous version or a misconfiguration on my Ubuntu machine.

Anyway, I like the GUI of FileZilla better, but CrossFTP in the Pro edition is more powerful, and the price of around $ 25 is more than acceptable.

CrossFTP depends on an installed Java JDK, by the way.


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Its decent and has good security.

UI isn't that great and you cant do any CHMOD functions