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Interesting Direction - useful now and could be very powerful in the future

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Cronycle is hard to define at the moment - as I write the app is in beta - but the potential I see is enormous.

I am a marketer and looking to learn about new technologies. I offer small consulting work to start ups. I use Cronycle to help me find information from the web which is trusted and interesting, and then I use the 'boards' to give clarity to my own thoughts. It's basically a platform to annotate content which you find on the web.

There are a couple of other platforms which either do news aggregation like Feedly (but none have the powerful filters which Cronycle has) and there are a couple of platforms which aggregate articles - like Flipboard Magazine - but this has a more outward focus. Cronycle boards offer you an inward focus which means you can annotate articles yourself to find it's own meaning. Then you can apply this to your consulting projects, or blogs.

Really interested to see the direction it goes! Even now it's offering me immense value that I couldn't find elsewhere.