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From using Criptext for the past 6 months now, I've come to consider it one of the best open source, security and privacy minded email application out there. I also use other open source privacy minded email, but criptext is quickly becoming my favorite. Their UX design is well thought through, and this gives it such a solid look and feel. Furthermore that fact that your email is not stored in any 3rd-party server is such a big plus!


HI Jerry.

  1. Criptext use AWS meaning AMAZON WEB SERVERS. Tehy do not have own servers. You can check by yourself , I got this information straight from Criptext costumer service. If you send and email to someone and that someone for some reason can not receive the email , your email will stack in Amazon Servers for 30 days before they delete it.
  2. When you send an email from Criptext to another Criptext user , the email is encypted . BUt if you send an email from criptext to NON criptext user , so for example gmail the email NOT encrypted at all and everyone can read your private email. You can check by yourself you will see.
  3. Its not true they are based in Switzerland. Its fake.