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CrashPlan just announced that they will be discontinuing the service for home users in October 2018, focusing on enterprise customers instead.

I wouldn't recommend to start using this service anymore.

Too bad ... I absolutely loved it. Time to move on.


Windows 10 hangs up frequently

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I have been using CrashPlan for more than 6 months. It works but it is too CPU intensive for a background desktop backup solution. I would like it if it were more lightweight. My Windows 10 hangs up frequently when CrashPlan is running.

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Crashplan has been bought out by Carbonite and will be effectively gone by October 23rd, 2018.


Not impressed

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A good backup solution should work effortlessly and silently, but fail loudly. It should just work out of the box or else you'll need to spend lots of work getting it up and running, which means you'll go without backups until then. You also don't want a false sense of security, thinking it's backing up and then your computer fails and you realize it was never backing up correctly. So far, it seems CrashPlan is not a good backup solution on Linux.

I've been trying to get it to work for a week now, with 200 GB of files, and it still hasn't completed a single backup to any destination, even to my own computer over a 100 Mbit/s LAN connection.

The Linux installer is terrible. To install this on Linux, there's no .deb, PPA, repo, or anything. You have to download a .tgz file, untar it, and run a ./ script. The script then asks user-unfriendly command line questions like where you want to put the executable and how you want to start it at boot. At least it has defaults.

Then the install script won't work if you have a non-bash login shell, like fish.

Then the uninstaller doesn't remove all the files and the dumb installer refuses to re-install because there are still files left on the drive by the uninstaller.

Then if you try to archive to an external drive, CrashPlan starts at boot, doesn't see the external drive, and forces the creation of a new folder where it used to be, and starts over again, filling up your root drive until your computer locks up. It's really stupid.

CrashPlan says to work around this by telling it to backup to a subfolder of the disk rather than the root of that disk, but this doesn't actually work. It still filled up my root drive, just at the subfolder location instead.

Setting the Default backup location isn't enough to change this anyway. You have to actually click the name of the backup (which is not obviously a link), and then there is a separate place to set the backup location in there.

And why does the "Files" section of the client always say "Scanning" and rarely shows the size of the backup correctly? Are they literally scanning every bit of the entire set of files over again every time you load the control panel, instead of just watching for file modifications on the OS level? Is that why my computer's been so laggy and slow for the last few days?

It's cool that it automatically connects to another computer even over the internet, with no special configuration.

The backup to their servers, on the other hand, is insanely slow. I'd tell you exactly how slow, but it stopped telling me the actual value for no obvious reason.

The information about ongoing backups is very confusing. Sometimes it tells you the status of the backup, transmission speed, and how much time it will take. Other times it just says "sending" with a filename and no other data.

On the website, it says 62% complete of my 200 GB? But on my client, it says "Space used: 4 GB". Then they send me a Backup Status Report by email that says my cloud backup is 1.7% complete. WTF?? 4 GB per week is... 0.05 Mbit/s. Something is wrong.

Apparently, they've lost their customer's data more than once:

And their response? "This is part of the reason that we highly recommend that you use CrashPlan to backup to more than one destination (i.e. another computer or an external harddrive)."


I don't understand why in the world anyone would pay money for their cloud storage service when it's slower and less reliable than backing up to a friend's computer for free.

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So I kept getting emails from them that my computers weren't backed up, so I went on their website to delete my computers and my account. (I have started using Backblaze instead.) Apparently there is no way to do this. You have to delete computers from within the app itself. So I installed the application again. As soon as I have done this, my computer starts locking up every few seconds. :D Then when I try to log in, it crashes. Nice.


Best for Mac

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If you need an online backup, CrashPlan is the best option under OS X.
CrashPlan preserves all metadata. So your aliases, icons, tags etc. all are backupped and restored.
Also the processor load is very low. Even though the client is a Java application.
The only drawback for me as a European user is that CrashPlan+ always uses the US datacenter. I wish I could choose for the European one (as in the Pro version) and benefit my 100/100Mbs connection.


Either ends up crashing or using so much ram

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I have been test Crashplan for a little while and have had a few problems, mainly it simply keeps crashing on me. Have tried it on various systems and it either ends up crashing or using so much ram the system becomes unresponsive. Looks like a cool program but have not even been able to get it to run reliably enough to write a review of it.

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its so hassle because you need to install apps to unsubscribe


Working for me

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I use this to backup both Windows and Linux PCs to multiple locations, including CrashPlan's servers. It works well for me on both OS's. I had to make a couple tweaks to get it working right on Linux (increased shared memory allocation, see their FAQ) but after that it runs great. No problems with failed/incomplete backups so long as the computers are left on long enough to allow them to complete. Migrating backups to a new computer is also straightforward and accomplished using the GUI. There's also an Android version that allows me to download backed up files to my phone--very nice!


Just the best :)

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Tried many backup solutions and Crashplan just beats all alternatives. Using it for more than a year and had no problems neither installing nor using it. Highly recommended.


CrashPlan: You can no longer specify the backup time

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I was using the older version of CrashPlan for a few months and I REALLY enjoy it's wide array of options. CrashPlan allows you to backup to a local folder/drive, a trusted computer over WAN, or their own cloud service.
However, the company launched their CrashPlan+ service which auto-upgraded my version and now MANY of the free features are locked as a paid service. You can no longer specify the backup time and frequency as it is automatically determined by CrashPlan. This means you can no longer guarantee a time that your files will back up. My CrashPlan+ now insists that it wants to backup at 2AM and if the PC isn't on at that time it waits until the next 2AM. ha!

Too bad they locked the free features. I'll be moving on to something else.


I have over 400GB's of data - It works wonderfully

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I started using Carbonite's online backup. It works well if you don't have a lot to back up. I have over 400GB's of data I'm trying to backup up. The upload speed is restricted to around 25Kbps. So it will take a very long time to get one backup complete. I found Crashplan thanks to Evernote. I have it setup on a computer at my fathers shop in another city and have all my computers backing up to it. It works wonderfully. They offer backups to their own servers for a fee. They are pretty competitive in price to the others.


You additionally need QuickPar to protect your data

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I am picky about not just backup, but also data integrity. I have thoroughly used or examined MANY other backup solutions, and CrashPlan is far superior to any of the others. The price is good because it's free. They have some pay services too, if you need them, and they are much cheaper than any of the competition. Their software is so flexible, I can use it any of my computers, and on any of my friend's computers, with Windows, Mac, Linux, etc. I can backup to my friends, and they can backup to me, so theft, fire, or other disaster won't affect my data. All of that is FREE! Seriously, go ahead, waste your time trying out all the others, and then try this one last. You'll be glad you finally tried CrashPlan.

I also recommend using QuickPar to ensure that the data on your computer doesn't get corrupted. Google for "silent data corruption" to find out how bad the problem is. Nobody knows they're losing data constantly because the data loss is silent. QuickPar can detect the corruption, and fix it for you. It's saved my butt a million times. The best backup in the world will just backup the corrupted files. You need QuickPar to protect your data, because no backup software, not even CrashPlan, can know whether your files are corrupted on your own computer. They just backup whatever data you have, and they have no way to know whether the data is good or not.


Crashplan is by far the best. Awesome customer support

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I tried a lot of different online backup solutions. Crashplan is by far the best. Awesome customer support. The software works great and has a lot of useful options. The fact that it works on all platforms is paramount to me. Pricing for their online storage is extremely cheap and secure. Extremely happy with their service and product - totally recommended.


It's absolutely terrible. The Linux software is a mess, the backups are so slow they never complete, and they've lost their customers data more than once.

So what's your suggestion for an alternative? Personally CrashPlan has been nothing but great for me and I use Linux as my one and only OS. There will always be unfortunate mishaps but overall I think CP manages the data well. I bet if you dig into articles about other backup companies you'll find similar situations of data loss.

I don't know. I'm trying Backblaze but my first attempt crashed it because I used too long of a password??? So stupid. And I tried Cloudberry with Amazon Glacier but it uploads every single file one-by-one, wasting 10 times as much money on requests as it does on storage. Stupid stupid stupid. I don't understand why there isn't a good solution to this.

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Switched from Carbonite to Crashplan a couple months ago and could not be happier. The amount of options they give you is amazing. I have it set up to back up all my computers locally and remotely to my home server and then use their online storage option to back up ALL my computers for only $100 a year (unlimited). Also runs on many different operating systems which was a must since I run Linux and Windows. Have tested the restore feature and everything works.