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Young service, but reliable and looks promising.


  • desktop app: afaik doesn't currently allow selective syncing.
  • web app: can't upload a folder, can't move files.
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Not free (as in Freedom) - needs a G**gle account to download the .apk, why not F-Droid? Found a website to download the .apk from eventually.

Initial log in and it syncs with G**gle, sh*tFacedbook, etc...

No alternative to allowing access to ALL photos and contact list on the phone, I want to decide who and what I upload to the cloud.

Click on the link to view T&C's, I get the French document. Eventually find the English version, this states that the French version takes precedence (OK, it's a French set up).

Desktop app wants to sync all my files and access to my laptop! This is no better than the established crap!

Next problem, how to delete the account? No facility to do so! Even F*cebook allows this nowadays!

I'm not impressed.