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Do yourself a favour and give this a miss. Cornerstone has now been acquired by Assembla who have gone on the money grab path in the most despicable way possible. I bought a perpetual user license a few years back and installed it on a few of my machines as per the license agreement. Each year I would replace my old kit with new and reinstall the app. I have now been told be Assembla that my license has been deactivated as it was installed on too many machines. WTF! To make matters worse I contacted them about the issue and they didn't even bother to reply. This is disgraceful behaviour which should deter anyone from dealing them at all. And I'm not the only one, you don't need to search for long to see a list of others who have been handed the same treatment. There are only 2 others to consider now, Versions and Xversion. Versions seems to have been pretty much abandoned by it's owner and does not have a built-in diff view ( you have to pay them for Kaleidoscope if you want that, another money grab) which leaves Xversion which in my mind beats them both hands down.


Same here. I'm using Xversion now; it's great.

NB: In all fairness. Versions does the standard diff view app included in Xcode, so you don't need to buy Kaleidoscope. And they recently updated Versions.

Ok maybe I was overly harsh on Versions but what gets me is the fact they already have the code they need in Kaleidoscope to give it built-in diff capability. Yes you could use FileMerge but to me it's a bit of a clunky experience to have to jump between apps. And yes I see they have updated it recently although they didn't add any new functionality as far as I can see. Nice new icons though.