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This is another AutoCAD like base on the ARES engine from Gräbert (Ares Commander).
•It open most of DWG and DXF made from latest version of AutoCAD without much trouble which is ironic considering that ACAD 2018 can't open files from ACAD 2019. (There is some layer style changes thou)
•The classic mode interface feels outdated when you get use to AutoCAD and it takes you back before 2010. But it is not such a big issue and comes back very quickly.
• It can use AutoCAD dynamic Block but can't modify them and sometime those block are buggy which can gives some trouble if you needs to work on AutoCAD made files.
• Not so cheap either 799£ (930€) for for amateur model maker (sure; in comparison Autocad is about 1600€ /year).
Overall it is a pretty good CAD software, i am not sure I would use it in my day job, but for my personal use it is quite ok. I am not using the 3D modeling feature as it is as dumb as AutoCAD when it comes to 3D.


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  • affordable
  • 3D capabilities
  • native *.dwg format


  • mostly just basic 2D/3D Cad
  • no branch modules available at the moment