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Love it. Easy. Automated. Confusing Blue Color.

• Open source. If you are not familiar with "open source", it means this app is more secure. Because its code is publicly available for review and contributions on GitHub at
• Attractive MIT License. This means the software code of this add-on app is owned and supported by a friendly not-for-profit community. Instead of a for-profit corporation. And more secure because its full code is publicly available for review.
• Easy to use. Using the button in the browser toolbar.
• Whitelist cookies. Very easy. Two clicks to whitelist a website.
• Frequent add-on updates
• “Automatic Cleaning” allow you to optionally automatically delete cookies from closed tabs after a set delay
• Export or import your whitelist of cookies expressions/rules
• Well documented
• Works with Firefox 52 or more recent
• Available for both Chromium/Chrome and Firefox/Tor Browser
• Internationalization (i18n)
• Many more features

• The color of the toolbar icon for whitelisted websites is blue. Which is confusing at start. Because for most extensions the color green is use for whitelisted websites. But after this initial learning curve, the user interface works fine.
• Can not edit cookies. But this can be done with other extensions which focused on software engineer and testing.

• Extension 2.2.0
• Chromium 57 (64-bit)
• Chrome 66 (64-bit)
• Debian 8 Jessie 64-bit
• GNOME 3.14.1

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This is a fantastic, open source, free, privacy-enhancing browser add-on. I use and recommend it for Firefox. You can configure it to delete cookies after particular intervals (I have mine set to 1 second) and it can also whitelist or greylist chosen domains. Excellent!

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Very fine idea! And browser independent! Importing files is also a serious goodie.