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Construct 2 Reviews

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The quickest way to produce stable and quality prototypes and games.


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This is a great software to make Html5 games and apps.


Piece of a cake

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Great software that has the ability to make games without a code and has plugins or add-ons that can make your game more powerful and you can make Isometric games

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You can't make 3D games in Construct.

thanks for the correction I meant to say Isometric games using a plugin named Q3D

Limited Events

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Construct is an event based game engine. The free version has limited events. This is paramount to having a free version of a C++ compiler that will only compile 1000 lines of code or less.


Scirra construct - easy & fun

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Scirra construct classic & construct 2 are the easy way to make your game with a easy programming language based in events that are intuitive for any one new with game development. Scirra construct 2 can make any 2D/2.5D kind of game with just a few minutes.

i'm a ilustrator and always want to find a tool that acept big images because i want to make games with good 2D graphics, so scirra construct is perfect for what i want plus NO PROGRAMMING, and the forum comunity is the best you can find, they help you from the basics to the advanced game dev problems.

Scirra construct 2 have a Manual that are always updating with good stuff and the creators acept sugestions, so if your game need a feature just ask for the forum, they always found a way to help you.

what kind of games scirra can do?

any 2D type of game, platformers are the easiest one but construct can make all kind of 2D, its up to you.

if i want to make exe. game i have to use scirra classic?

yes. for now, scirra 2 have tons of thing in the to do list, export for exe. is one o the things, so if you want this you can use the classic version.

where i can find basic iformation about scirra classic?

here but i have to aware you about the classic version. the classic version dont receive more updates for the creator due the development of the construct 2, but the classic version still updating with users plugins and bug fixes plus the classic version still good as construct 2.

some FAQ about Construct 2

some games made with construct:

"The Iconoclasts" creator: Joakin Sendberg(Konjak) construct classic

"Blot" creator: Pyteo construct classic

"Bumper's Quest" creator: Tokinsom construct 2

"The Convergence" creator: Gammabeam construct 2

for more construct 2 games take a look at the Scirra Arcade

check the forum for more info, tell what kind of game you want to build and the forum will provide you the best tutorial to make your game quickier than ever