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Comment by dreamoclock
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I have been using Construct engine to create games for almost 3 yrs now so i have used both C2 & C3 and can tell the difference,
so C2 was a good engine for simpler games but lacked performance and a lot of features but C3 has overcome this with its new basic required features like Share Plugin, Build Feature, Timeline and more. Also they are updating regularly with new features, that you can find here... C3 Intro & Features
also recently they added javascript support that can help you if you are a beginner and want to learn language.
You can see games made with c3 here ... games made with C3 and games created by me here... games created by me in C3
Finally, i would like to say that with reasonable subscription model and regular updates, it is one of the best 2D game engines out there.


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