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This app should not be listed as discontinued!

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I’m not sure why this app is listed as discontinued. As far as I can tell, it still active. Their website is still up, and the support site is still functioning, with the latest staff reply less than a month ago.

I use this app basically all day everyday. Coupled with a few AppleScripts, it’s brilliant. I have it launch into work-mode when my iMac starts up. Plus, I found/tweaked a “15-minute break” script that allows for brief access to all sites and apps before blocking everything again. It’s also great as a task-specific app launcher for things like writing.

I really hope this is still alive. It suits my workflow perfectly.


Fixed. It looks like this app was marked as discontinued because the website had been down lately. But the website's back up now, and clearly, the app still exists. :P

Perfect! Thanks for the update. :)