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Sadly, an application that has become bloatware

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After years of using and loving Comodo Firewall I finally realized that over the years it has grown into a series of unwanted programs if all you want is just a firewall. With no installation option, the latest v10 installs in your system an application that pop-ups all the time called GeekBuddy (for online chat support). Also without permission, installs another Internet browser called Comodo Dragon, and even a desktop Gadget !!!

None of this crap is essential in a firewall, just like other additional meddling features that the bundle "offers" you, as Comodo DNS, Auto Sandbox, Antivirus features, Cloud Based Behavior Analysis, etc.

So, after years of using and loving Comodo Firewall I finally replaced it with a simpler one. If you want a simple firewall there are many options out there, even Freeware and Open Source, just use AlternativeTo to find which one meets your needs.


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The absolute best way of protecting your home/work PC.

The Host Intrusion Prevention System is outstandning.
You'll be able to define rules for everything, I mean everything, even system applications if you wish.
Start using it on "safe mode", after a few weeks you should try "paranoid mode".
While using "paranoid mode" you'll either turn back to safe mode ... or start looking up everything your asked to define - you'll learn a great deal.

Great complement to Windows built-in firewall and/or your hardware firewall.
Safe-mode is probably good enough, but your given the option to define every process and connection by your liking.
Exampel: "Why do process-bla-bla want to connect to some server in the US?" - probably not to give you peace of mind ... With the firewall on custom settings you'll be able to block this attempt and future.
Just remember to allow some connections when updating Windows (on your terms).

Auto sandbox:
You'll be able to create custom rules here aswell, if an application should only be able to access certain folders, why give it permission to alter system critical components?


  1. None should run a computer without comodo Firewall installed with at least settings on safe-mode. If it's too much for you, then sell your computer, my grandmother handles Comodo with ease.

  2. If your experienced or would like to know Everything, consider building custom rulesets for all components. If your out of time and wonder what to do: BLOCK rather than allow.


Piece of garbage

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Comodo try to install a Browser replacement(Chromodo) It try also to replace your DNS with it own DNS. Just after installation, you will get anoying advice pop up. And a secure pop up is alway present on my desktop after install. He install GeekBuddy a messenger which will pop up you when you have an app crash... (wow in a firewall, is this serious or what ?). Sound not very serious...

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and 200mo setup... wtf

perfect garbage

Comodo, fairly-good reputation over the years.

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I used this for quite a while on my older Win2000 and WinXP systems, and it was quite effective at keeping my clients out of the dark recessing of the internet. On the newer systems, running Vista/Win7 or a popular Linux distro, I tend to opt for the integrated firewall for convenience sake. However, as needed, I wouldn't hesitate to trust Comodo, given their fairly-good reputation over the years.


It was once the best firewall on the planet! Was! ...

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It was once the best firewall on the planet! Was!
Around the time Windows 10 was released, Comodo ceased to put any development effort into it. Soon, its Containment feature became unusable. Five years later, with the release of Windows 10 20H1, its compatibility with Windows declined to such point that it impeded creating or changing networking adaptors. Neither Hyper-V nor Windows Sandbox work well with it. So, it is the end of an era for me. Sorry, Comodo Firewall. We had a bash! I bragged about having you. But we're done.


Best free firewall

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The best free firewall for windows, period!