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Communecter is CitizenTech to connect communities horizontally, without any financial interest, nor it exploits your personal data to sell it to third parties.
It is Open Source and freely available at https://github.com/pixelhumain/co2 .
The idea is a territorial search engine, so that any interesting locations will be displayable on a map. It is interoperable with other open databases, like Wikidata, OpenStreetMap and any other database which has an appropriate license.
It is especially useful for groups and projects wishing to organize them self with modules for decision making and various levels of communication structures, up to a video chat which is realized with rocket.chat.

It makes intensive use of third software modules, like those of loomio and framasoft.

It is great to connect people in a city or region and to support them to do real projects together.

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[Edited by scoid, January 17]