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Good standalone noteapp for android users

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I've used this app for several years already and recently according to its FAQ it supports online cloud syncing https://www.colornote.com/faq-question/how-can-i-sign-up-for-colornotes-online-backup-service/

I personally just use it as a standalone notetaking app and don't have it integrated with anything but my phone. I run backups by copypasting notes and emailing it to myself over time or to evernote

In terms of why its better than something like evernote / GoogleKeep

  • Loads right away. Like literally right away, its faster than anything else in its category
  • Has widget to display whatever notes you want currently
  • Clean interface

So I use this to some minute notes at a meeting when i have to and have nothing but my phone and very rarely ideas I need to put down somewhere to use for later

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