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its a monument of RAD ! RIP

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So sad this multiplatform RAD program died. What was the problem? Marketing? I guess...Sales determines your budget for support and that is what i noticed between 2002 and 2017...support became slower and slower...communications about really great developments stayed behind. And i think because of this, this wonderful masterpiece between all development tools died slowly. It must have been a drama for the developpers. Setting up such a great initiative and then finding out, its just too big for human hands.

In its time, it was the best ever...you can still download, and i i can give an advice..do so..

The last version is from 2016. For PHP programmers, it officially supports PHP7. But also older versions and mysql is supported. The goal was clearly to create a multiplatform development tool... using the same source for PHP, asp, java etc.

Ok and now...

Personally i tested scriptcase, PHP Runner and PHP generator. First conclusion: the extremely powerful databasedictionary died with codecharge. there is just no replacement with such strong database tools included. The most 'familiar'tool is for me PHP runner. The first encounter let me think its a very simple tool, with very limited possibilities. The more i worked with it, the more i was surprised by the power of it. Now at 50% of my learning curve, i can tell you l this great stuff. better even then CCS. The help file is very complete and easy accessible. There is much material also on the forum.

Scriptcase is nice, lot of information. The help files and video's though mix up version 8 and 9 which is confusing at times. Besides, where PHP runner is very well described where it comes to programming (event oriented) scriptcase is less clear. So much info but not very clear.

About PHP generator, i cam be short...the demo page is convincing, it all looks very slick. The trial version, doesnt work well...hickups, bugs all over. I stopped the test because of that.

I would like to be informed if there is a better issue.

For now, i dont have to tell my choice...clearly PHPRunner, the most easy one to just continue where you were in CCS.

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