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Cobian Backup Reviews

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Cobian is the best solution I've tried lately. It has a decent UI, the standard range of options, runs pretty fast and reliably.

The key thing it does that is unique amongst the free tools I've seen is that it lets you set a strategy like "Do a full backup every 1 month, and an incremental one every day in between". Or it will even do differential backups each day (an incremental backup is everything that changed since yesterday's backup, differential is everything that that changed since the last full backup).

Otherwise it's similar to a lot the other tools out there, for example GFIBackup, which I'd definitely consider otherwise.

It does not target anything other than a mounted folder. If you want to write to the Amazon cloud, for example, then consider Duplicati.

  • Dave

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I have tried many backup solutions so far. Cobian Backup turned out to be the one I liked most. It's a full features backup application that somehow has a user-interface that's easy and fast. The logging is good even though I cannot configure the log-file location. Workaround: Sync job that copies the log-files to a location I want them to be ;-)
There's regular updates and an ok forum. You should absolutely try this one!


  • EASY to use
  • Also does goed synchronization
  • EASY to use
  • Feature rich

Less good:
-Cannot configure log-file location