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Club Penguin Island offers just as much, if not even more, than it's predecessor Club Penguin did, and optional membership is cheaper and worth it.

Free players can obtain clothing from events, customize clothing, play some adventures, decorate their igloo with lighting and a range of non-member furniture, buy party games, use party supplies given to them, join tube races, and so much more.

There's also daily challenges and a daily spin to win prizes, monthly events, collectibles, multiplayer games, and gear. Purchasing a membership gives you additional bonuses like purchasing even more furniture, being able to play all adventures and wearing customized clothing.

Some people disagree with the game, but it's predecessor's later days were becoming bug infested and unsafe due to Flash becoming obsolete. Time and time again the team has stated that the closure of it's predecessor was necessary for the continuation of the brand. The new game has allowed this to happen and has given an opportunity for them to improve on the disadvantages of the old one whilst creating a new, safe environment for its old and new players as opposed to unofficial private servers . Not only is membership very reasonable, the benefits for free players are good and as time passes I'm in no doubt that more benefits will arrive.

It's better to look forward to the future than trying to relive the past. Club Penguin Island is the future of the brand and it is doing a good job.

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*Good graphics.
*Similar amount of things for non-members like in CP.
*Cheaper membership than CP.
*New features not available in CP.


Discontinued Club Penguin for this, a money greedy...

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Discontinued Small Club Penguin iconClub Penguin for this, a money greedy garbage.