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Great add-on to my Cloud

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I'm mostly using Dropbox to collect files there are several alternatives on how I can get my clients to upload into my Dropbox.
CloudWok promises to integrate also with other storage services and so far it turns out to work great with my Dropbox and Google Drive (which I prefer to use when it's more about collaborative work). I had some questions on how I could integrate the CloudWok file upload fetures in my side and got very helpful responses.


Thanks! Great to hear from our users :-)

Good tool to collect files from a bunch of people

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I have used cloudwok to collect a number of large files from my clients. Had a few small problems in the beginning, but their customer service is really quick and excellent, so we could sort everything out. Great service, I definitely recommend it and am a happy user.


Hi VjomboSir, so does CloudWork still work? Because it's not possible to register on their website any more - there is just no Sign up button. Do they register now only via personal invitation or something like that, or am I missing something?

Thanks for your comments!

@o_Annenko Maybe you confuse our service with cloudwork? Our signup/signin page at https://www.cloudwok.com is up and running :)

@markusklems Oh gosh, I'm blind:-) I totally overlooked the absence of "R" in your name:-)) so, cloudwok, ha? funny name, I like it:)

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