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Cloudways is the Best

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Cloudways is Amazing.

The Cloudways Support Team is very professional and experient.

All applications on Cloudways have excellent performance and support.

I'm fan of Cloudways.

We wish great success for Cloudways and all your customers.


This company is good!

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This company really helps me save a lot of time. The user-interface is very friendly and easy to use. Good quality


Awesome Service!

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Cloudways is an excellent service to use to host your website! Their control panel is extremely useful and simplifies complicated tasks.


Great service, easy setup, easy to manage

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I have been impressed with the customer support for Cloudways. They respond immediately and have resolved all my issues. There is no IPv6 support which is a bit frustrating but the request has been made and Cloudways has been good abouting adding requested features in the past. I run a lot Wordpress apps on the platform and Cloudways makes it a breeze to manage them all. I have a base application that I use as to clone to start new projects which is awesome and simple. No root access to the server so, if you are looking for that this is not the service for you(no sudo either). However, I have never needed it and honestly prefer to use the settings Cloudways gives me and I believe upon request they will add anything you want for you to your server. I also love being able to chose any server provider I want. I have a DigitalOcean droplet running now as I am familiar with DigitalOcean and love their services.

Really couldn't recommend this service enough.

Thanks for the hard work!


Won't switch any time soon

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I don't see my self switching to another host anytime soon, I've played with half a dozen servers and I'm always happy with the results and the clients I recommend are happy too.


Exceptional Service

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Our clients range from small one-person startups to well-established enterprises generating hundreds of millions in annual revenue. Generally, for the larger firms we'll recommend solutions using some of the major players in a respective space. Rackspace for web hosting, for instance. For quite a while, we tried to find a cheaper entry-point for our smaller clients where Rackspace and their ilk were overkill. Cloudways is that solution. On several occasions over the last two years or so, we've needed to interact with their support staff on behalf of our clients. Whether the problem was client-caused or in the infrastructure, the Cloudways staff had the problem identified and resolved in timeframes that puts our enteprise hosting solutions to shame, even if the client was on the bare-minimum, smallest plan that is on offer. After two years, we fully and without reservation recommend Cloudways -- and, in fact, are ourselves now a client.


Best hosting service

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I've been using Cloudways for a month and a half now and my experience has been nothing but amazing. First off the prices are very reasonable, Secondly i'ts easy to use and navigate, therefore, anyone can buy a domain and use it to host their website. My live chat experience with cloud ways has also been great. I honestly never checkED that they offer free ssl certificates and i was about to buy one and i deceided to ask support about it lol and they quickly said why buy and we have it for freeeee. overall its truly an amazing company with great service.


Quality Web Site Host

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I finally get what I want which is simple:

  • A web server that works. And stays up. And performs well.

  • And I don't have to spend all my time trying to learn how to be a VPS sysadmin..... Cloudways instead gives you a simple to use panel that rolls out properly configured servers with a click of a link... and then a simple set of settings to adjust if desired.. again with a click.... they take over from there and do (no doubt via automated means) all the "sys admin" stuff for you.

This compares favorably to the two prior hosts that I used which provided servers that were the opposite (didn't work, didn't stay up, and didn't perform). .. and then when I complained they said "well you have to upgrade to VPS"... and then when that was just as bad or I would get problems they would say "well... it's a VPS you see... that means you are the admin.... that means it's not our problem.... it must be something you did".

I have been running the same sites on Cloudways for about a year now and no such problems at all.

It just works.



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As a recent convert to Cloudways, I have found their packages fit the purpose for my needs. The support is very good, with almost immediate online chat 24/7 and resolution within that chat. Up-time has been great with only one issue in the short 3 to 4 months I have been with them. BTW if anyone expects 100% anything, forget it. NO-ONE can do that.

Cloudways is value for money, great service and excellent product.

Rick M


Blazingly fast WordPress installations

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I've been building WordPress solutions for years and these guys are by far the fastest host I've ever had the pleasure of dealing with.

Super fast replies on tech support also. Top service.


Highest quality hosting platform I have used

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Cloudways is a perfect hosting platform for developers and even for laymen; it is the highest quality platform I have used and the user interface and available tools are unparalleled compared to services I have used like GoDaddy or x10Hosting. Cloudways is also very inexpensive and allows you to easily scale your server or manage multiple servers as well as easily managing multiple applications, which you can automatically set up with WordPress, Drupal or any other common CMS. One of the best features of the Cloudways console is the ability to deploy from GitHub or any other SCM from any branch or repository. In addition to SCM support, CloudWays also takes daily backups of your website allowing you to immediately restore a failed update or code error to its prior state. Cloudways also makes SSL easy with Let's Encrypt which allows your site to support HTTPS which is important for Web 2.0 support and transferring customer data securely. Lastly, things like transferring your website to a live domain have never been easier through the Cloudways console, indeed there seems to be every tool I could ask for at my current level of knowledge, which is a stark contrast to hosting platforms like GoDaddy which are impossible to navigate, have barely any tools and are incredibly glitchy. Cloudways has become an integral part of my workflow as a developer and has vastly expanded my ability to manage and host a lot of applications without conflicts. Cloudways was recommended to me by another developer, and I am very glad that I checked them out at

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Just terrible in new customer onboarding!

I've heard about the Cloudways hype and I'd decided to get off the "VPS server management" burden. So I went to Cloudways website and signed up for a free trial account. Then it redirected me to a live chat windows to submit some info before they sign me up. The chat agent's name was Rafat, who told me to wait for a minute before they send me an activation link by email.

Nothing happened in one hour!

I reached the live support again. This time an agent named Asher answered my request. After submitting registration information (again), he kept silent and left the chat window without saying goodbye. And there was no activation link, of course.

This must be the worst experience I've had so far and I think no one should be treated like the way Cloudways did to me.

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Already several times I use the cloud directly in some places like in amazon, digital ocean and google cloud.

At first, it seems easy to make settings for wordpress directly on cloud server. But when we want to optimize such as setting max upload size, connection to FTP, varnish setting and others, we will wasting time to learn one by one and become unfocused.

Luckily, when doing googling and find Cloudwyas, a managed cloud service, all things to optimize our apps like wordpress becomes easy.

I highly recommend cloudways for those who want to move from shared hosting to the cloud.

You will be amazed when you know your website loading to 20x faster when using Cloudways to manage your wordpress.

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Cloudways is by far the best option at a fraction of the price of others.
Had I known it existed I have had saved thousands of dollars
There is a small learning curve, let's face it - there is no CPANEL so everything is a bit different. Yet everything is explained in great detail in the help section and the support is beyond heroic.
I have literally asked a ton of questions in the live chat and I have always received a great answer.
Now, talking about what matters: SPEED
This thing is FAST
My pages load extremely fast, there is no competition and especially not at that price.
You can have amazing websites running at amazing speed for a fraction of the cost of others. AMAZING!