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Very Impressive

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CloudSigma places no restrictions on how its users deploy their computing resources. This is such a good option and much better than some of the small time servers I have been using in the past. With hybrid hosting solutions, it is a perfect solution to have great performance , with no downtime experienced so far backed with a great support system. I must really appreciate the team they have, with live support, the queries i had was resolved in no time. You have full control over your platform and a very simple interface to use. With real time access to statistics of hardware and full SSD solution it is great to use. There is automatic redundancy and failover. Offering great levels of flexibility and security to help you work with any operating system of your choice creating serves with any combination of CPU , RAM and storage it gives full control of your computing. The trial version which is free gives an insight to this and its a good option for startups , who are tight for money, at reasonable rates, with flexible paying schemes, it is within easy reach for everyone.


Positive Experience

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Their support has dependably been great. We didn't discover another form that accompanied 24/7 live talk and ticketing support in the cost. Their experts are really proficient and not simply perusing some script. The whole experience had been positive from the beginning and I will continue to use their Products and Services.



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Over the past few months I’ve been using Cloud Sigma after they introduced a 7 day trial which was fantastic as it showed me what I could do, how I could do it and why they are better than their competitors.

I’ve got to say, after my trial I was truly impressed and decided to give them a shot! I’ve now been a customer for over 4 months and have never had any issues. If I’ve had any questions to ask, as I’m not a very technical person and all this is new to me, customer services have been right there, professional and easy to talk to.

I started off with a small server size and because Cloud Sigma is flexible, no fixed server sizes, I can upgrade and downgrade whenever I wish – dependent on my needs. This I found unique as sometimes I do need less and sometimes a little more.

With an easy to use calculator, I can work out how much it is going to cost me per month and I can tweak my server based on what I can afford.

Storage is fantastic, as they use SSD (Solid State Drives) I know that it is of high quality, fast and the results that it provides are amazing.

With an easy to use system, perfect uptime and fantastic overall service I would definitely recommend Cloud Sigma over all of the other companies that I have used in the past.


Recomending to Everyone

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Previously I had used AWS and GCloud, recently transfer all my platforms to cloudSigma because of their

  • Easy and very user friendly control panel, that have real time statistics.

  • Excellent Support Staff that I can contact 24x7

  • Flexible pay as I grow pricing

  • Auto scalability

  • zero downtime so far and fast performance

Still hard to believe just take the 7 day trial and see for your self.

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My Review Of Cloudsigma

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If you are looking for a good cloud service I will you tell you that my experience with these guys has been pretty darn good so far. Not once has their servers went down or have I had any problems with them, and customer service has been solid as well.

I've been with them for 6 months and for the price I haven't found anything better yet. If your interested I would recommend you at least give them a try.