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**Strength:** Popular global content delivery ...

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Popular. But risk of censorship.


Popular global content delivery network (CDN)


Both Cloudflare owner Matthew Prince and the Cloudflare administration, have an history of censoring people and organizations with views they disagree with. In other words, if Cloudflare disagree with your personal views, it is risky that they will censor you. In turn, your visitors will not be able to access your content.

Of course Cloudflare are really free to do business or not do business with anyone to their liking. While at the same time, if someone use a website owned by Cloudflare to make a call for violence, does that make Cloudflare themselves calling for violence, anti-semitism, neo-nazy? Of course not. Because the user's views and her/his subject matter and contents thereof, such as, but not limited to, text, media, or otherwise, do not necessarily reflect the views of the Cloudflare administration. How about the same thing the other way around for Cloudflare's clients?




• I strongly believe that diversity is a strength not a weakness. Thanks you for being you.
• I disagree with calls for violence by any user on any platform
• I am not affiliated with 8ch/8kun or its users


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Fastest public DNS provider for the consumer

Does wonders for website owners

HOWEVER - they have a VERY hypocritical love for censorship. They have voluntarily chosen to block access to multiple sites run by trolls and alleged right-wing extremists and yet they still host the websites that promote joining ISIL and discussions about killing white people


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Gained a Free SSL certificate for my website + those addons and login page are good!


Bothers a lot.

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Doesn't let me to connect to the websites I like.


I'm not using it myself. The websites I visit have it; Probably because of js blocker it doesn't allow me to connect.

Sadly Cloudflare filter client based on their IP
Such as an example; I use a cheap ISP and all their IP are blacklisted so Cloudflare block me / ask me if I'm not a robot when I try to access I website protected by their system.

You could look if your IP is blacklisted by going to : https://bgp.he.net
then click on your IP and select the RBL tab

ie: https://bgp.he.net/ip/

@jodumont, it is solved. Thanks

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Awesome services, thanks so much


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Holy shit! Why didn't I find this sooner?


Overall Positive

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I have been using Cloudflare for a while on several websites and overall it has been great. Helps to speed them up and keeps some of the bad guys away. Overall is it a great service that I recommend to people to try and see if it can help your website.