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Unkept Promises

If we were to go by the description & the screenshots above, CloudEVO should be a dream-come-true. My experience has not been so rose-tinted.

Authorisation with the different clouds which it claims to support, is unreliable. And no, it's not my Internet connection -- I'm on a fibre optic 100 mbps pipe here.

Then, it wants to synchronise the cloud(s) by downloading everything to the computer, whether you want it or not. Hey, I'm backing stuff up to the cloud(s) to make some space on my computer as well as share some of it with myself on other devices and/or other people ._ I don't want the cloud(s) to be replicated on my device!_

So, it's big promises -- we'll consolidate clouds etc etc -- but no help on how to achieve that.

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