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Blue Mars has not gone under. The webpage has undergone major update and the developer has maintained the ClipX server for many years.
Yes ClipX is not new, nor is the developer interested in adding bells and whistles to ClipX because it fills a niche in clipboard extenders. There are plenty of very versatile/complex auto-text programs available.

ClipX is portable and simple ... 2 lists on the one menu

  1. a dynamic list of clipboard items (upto 1024 items, optional count in settings)
  2. a stickies list, I have 28 sticky items

Customizable short-cut keys
Text only, keeps ClipX light and immediate response
Optional to include image files (JPG,PNG etc)

Using ClipX on 3x Win-7 PRO 64-bit and 2x Win-XP 32-bit machines, very stable, no problems in 9 years