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Great - needs a bit of updating and more modernizing. Uses a competent database engine at its core to allow you to create a text and image repository that is much, much faster to save than anything else. You can then search this database for any saved text or titles you assign. You can create any number of databases and have several open at once. You can export to a text and image dump for use in a general search system - here it runs out of memory and needs some attention. The full database export MIGHT be a treat if you're into that. Used to have a cool feature for multiple viewers that got abandoned - limited to a single viewer now. Lots of small tricks that are documented and at least a few that are not. It is possible to use access the DBiSam DB directly if you're into that. Is actually pretty bulletproof if you're careful - but has a few snares.

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Have been using for eons. It allows me to preserve images (screen scrapes), text, frequently accessed urls I don't want to book mark, captures hidden url links in emails I want to verify for spoofing. It is easy, reliable, stable and far surpasses anything else I have tested.