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This tool works perfect for downloading videos, and grabbing the audio from videos from YouTube and put that in an .mp3.

I normally use the otherwise great alternative youtube-dl to download from YouTube, because I am partial to command-line tools (ClipGrab itself has a GUI interface); but youtube-dl for some reason can't grab audio from YouTube music clips. ClipGrab did this perfectly though.

The 3rd-party stuff coming with it others are complaining about, not only are ONLY relevant to the Windows version (I used the linux and Mac versions from the program's official website, and they are completely clean), but the official program website even very clearly offers a link to download the program only for Windows, without the add-ons. That's very fair for a free (in both senses of the word) software, so people using Windows as a platform are judging it too harshly.


Limited settings

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To avoid adware ... download from -> Show all download options (link)-> ClipGrab for Windows (panel) ->

  • link caption: "here" ... in text: You can download a version with no third-party offers here.

Version 3.6.1 download was clean from developer ... no adware checked with Virus Total

MP4 downloads are limited to 480 pixels, ok on cell-phones but not the best on TV screens

  • progress is not very obvious ... remaining % in window title bar ... and ... v.small progress bar in current item being downloaded/converted
  • once you know where to watch, it's fine

Works where several online capture/converters fail ;)
Definitely a keeper


Don't like the new default crapware bundled with the installer

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The donations must not be cutting it because the current versions of the clipgrab installer bundle crapware add-ons such as "RealPlayer" by default. RealPlayer...really? Who uses RealPlayer In 2013? I didn't even know they were still around.

I like the actual Clipgrab software for the most part but find the recent bundled crapware (selected by default in the installer) annoying and smacking of desperation.

[Edited by Seth, June 12]