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Too many bugs and unfinished features

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Installer version of ClipCube is no longer available
from the developer.

Portable version is still available from developer but bugs have not been fixed in 3 years.
One bug fix was promised by the developer but no updates since before the bug report.
Forum is ignored by developer (the only admin)


  1. cannot add anything to 'Links" group ... Links group cannot be used
  2. cannot move any item to another group, no drag and drop,
  3. some features simply do not work (Links group)
  4. cannot past links directly from any group ... must move to Clipboard -> Ctrl+V to paste ... clunky !
  5. forum threads are ignored by developer or developer makes promises that are not honored
  6. Manual (web-page) does not mention some of the features (eg, Links)

Definitely abandoned by the developer

  • I wasted 1½ hours trying to understand how CC works