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Fantastic program that I use all day, every day.
Very useful for students / researchers.
Great way to save info without forgetting where you got it from.

So good it could probably be used as a personal organiser

  • It saves the clip WITH THE URL, document title and other into - which is a;; highly searchable
  • Folders contain the clips and are highly organisable
  • WITHIN each folder, clips are arrangable by various methods - including MANUAL, which so many app developers forget the importance of!
  • Start and stop clipping with a single keyboard-shortcut (with accompanying sound)
  • Retains formatting and images
  • You can set it up to paste automatically into another program ! Wow !
  • You can tell it NOT to clip from certain apps
  • I could go on...
  • Highly responsive developer
  • Two small wishes
    ~ it would be good to be able to edit the ACTUAL clip's text, instead of just the raw-text copy
    ~ I always forget to turn it OFF clipping and clip alot of stuff that I didn't intend to. SUGGESTION: how about, every X number of clips (e.g five), it alerts you with a different sound. And you could set that number. That way you might remember: "Oops, I'm still clipping!"

Tried 'em all - best by far

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one of the few utilities I pay for because it is so good. The others only do text, they are crude, this one remembers unlimited text, image, html, whatever. Can copy rich text as plain text, open in internal browser, and much more. 64-bit version, 32-bit and portable.

Second place would be Clipmagic.