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Has a pretty garbage licensing scheme, limiting you to 2 installs per license. It's fine for people who only have a single machine they dual boot on or have two separate devices, but anyone who runs multiple dual-boot systems are in a heap of trouble with the licensing scheme due to the limits on deactivations.

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Thanks for sharing the Alternativea. It's really good to have medibang. It's awesome. I have Clip Studio in my PC, I was finding a similar app for android and I found your blog. It really helps me a lot.


See you later Photoshop...

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I love the responsiveness of the program - it's easily the BEST drawing tool I've ever used! The interface is clean and streamlined. The inking engine is FABULOUS. I literally yelled "WOW!!!" when I started using it. (I have never done that before with any software I've used.) You have a winner here!