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discontinued but still working on Mac 10.12 Sierra

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Have used this free utility for years and I'm happy that it has continued to function despite a lack of any updates (alpha update available on the creator's website adds dark mode compatibility). It continues to offer great functionality and despite trying others I have always relied on Clipmenu.


Seems like the best clipboard manager for MacOS

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ClipMenu it a very customizable clipboard manager for MacOS. I don't really like the default settings, but you can customize it to fit your needs and it get's the job done! I LOVE it!

If you don't have a clipboard manager - you should totally get one - it's probably the number one most time saving utility. On windows be sure to check out Small Ditto iconDitto which works great "right out of the box", but with snippets and higher reliability I find ClipMenu even more powerful.


I agree, but for the life of my I cannot save a pict or tiff to the Snippets. As there is no forum for Clipmenu,any help would be greatly appreciated.