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Best of Clipboard extenders I have tested
IMO ClipAngel deserves all 5 stars

I have tried 35 Clipboard extenders over the past 18 months
Some are just bloatware, others are unfit for purpose and a lot. poorly designed/engineered

• Viewer pane is part of the GUI ... images and text are clearly identified inside the "viewer" pane
• Images are thumbnails inside viewer pane and not hanging off the side like an afterthought, (mixed in with the desktop contents)
• Text (all of it) is clearly visible and legible inside the viewer pane & is easily edited with F4
• Formatted text is pasted as is, unless the text is edited when formatting is lost
• Clips can be renamed, particularly helpful for images
• Clips can be easily registered as favorites and are not deleted when the list is cleared. Removing FAV identity is simple.
• Easily grasped in <1 hour
• The developer regularly updates, several times each year, and lately weeks apart (even for the smallest glitch.
• Good support
email to developer
Forum (discussions) | https://sourceforge.net/p/clip-angel/discussion/

CONS I can live with
• formatted text is copied as is and be edited with F4 but formatting is lost. Personally I don't need to edit formatting

95% of my copying is with TXT files and images.
ClipAngel is perfect for my needs


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it has awesome features, but user interface need more improvements


Have you specific ideas about UI impovements?

yes, you can use metro style or crystal style UI, it will looks much better

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Easy to use for simple userid and password pasting needs in various applications running on Windows 10. A good complement for a browser password manager.