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Fits my needs almost perfectly

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[Note: This was originally posted as a Disqus comment -- reposting here for the record.]

I'm a long-time ClipX user, tried Ditto for awhile (among a bunch of other clipboard managers), and have now settled on Clibor. The main features Clibor has over Ditto:

  • You can format clipboard text before pasting it. It even supports Regular Expressions so you can create your own rules such as removing blank lines, stripping trailing spaces, and pretty much any string manipulation you can dream up.

  • You can access the clipboard list by double-pressing Ctrl (configurable), which is faster and easier to press than Ctrl + SomeOtherKey. You can even assign a Shift double-press to bring up a list of boilerplate text directly, which is awesome since I use this feature a lot. The boilerplate text can be organized into different categories, and you can configure Clibor to cycle through the categories using PgUp/PgDn, so you can do just about anything via keyboard.

The main things Ditto has over Clibor:

  • It allows you to save bitmap images, among many other file types, to the clipboard cache.

  • It's open source, so if you're a developer you can fork it and add your own features.

I found the advantages of Clibor more useful than the advantages of Ditto, that's why I've settled on Clibor as my clipboard manager. However, if you want to cache images that you copy, then Ditto is the way to go.


After a little testing, I'd say I like it. Its interface is delicious, double ctrl activating, have the thing called FIFO (First In, First Out), memory usage is OK (memory is not a problem nowadays but I don't like a very minor application takes more memory than it should be).

Thanks for posting this here. There're many clipboard manager around but I really don't know which to choose, so I just try those have comments and reviews. Without the review I may miss this (just a 6 days ago review, what a coincidence).