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I've been a Clarify fan for several years.

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First, I'm not affiliated with Clarify in any way, but what I'm about to say will make me sound like I must be on their payroll. Clarify just works. It greatly simplifies my workflow, capturing everything I need to create effective, attractive software help docs into one app, from: (1) screen capture of all of the steps in a process; (2) beautifully formatted explanatory text; and (3) published output in Word, PDF, or html. Clarify saves me time, makes my life easier, and makes me look like a genius. I haven't found anything that comes close for ease-of-use or time-saving features. There are more robust options out there, but they come at a price. I love being able to bang out a truly helpful help doc in minutes, not hours. Great support too.

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Abandonware. Not only have the developers stopped supporting Clarify, the developers won't even release a license key so that it can be used. Avoid.